Who make the best receiver gloves?

Hey everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Since I am the coach for a pee-wee football team around me, a lot of parents come up to me and say “Tom, what kind of receiver gloves should I get for my little Mikey/Suzzy?” That can be a hard question to answer, as depending on the style your child plays and their age/size they may want to use a different pair of gloves. Some players will prefer one type of gloves their entire career as a sort of loyalty. I usually send parents to https://www.easyprices.com/ to find some cheap prices football gloves, and these are the brands I tell them to keep an eye out for.

Under Armour

The American company with British spelling, Under Armour has been making great football equipment since coming onto the scene over 20 years ago. Their gloves are made with patented heatgear technology making sure that your fingers don’t get too cold and can still catch the ball. They also have GrabTak on all the fingers and the palm helping you to shrink your drop rate. I found some of the best cheap Under Armour gloves online at https://www.easyprices.com/fashion/under-armour-receiver-gloves-cheap and at the price they are at I even want another pair.

black under armour gloves


When I used to play as a defensive tackle, I would have to buy a new pair of Cutters lineman gloves every season or two. These gloves offer the most protection out for any gloves you can find on the market, and their receiver gloves are pretty similar. They lack the extreme amount of padding so that you can move your fingers and hand more, but they still have the signature stickiness that Cutters fans love. Try to get a pair new, as the stick will disappear over time. You can find cheap Cutters receiver gloves online at https://www.easyprices.com/fashion/cutters-receiver-gloves-cheap. These gloves are some of the best I have ever had so I recommend them. 

 cutters football gloves


I personally never used Reebok gloves when I was younger, but I had a lot of teammate who did. Reebok gloves are really popular in the National Football League however, Darrelle Revis (formerly of the Jets) has worn them quite often. I don’t like the thinness of their gloves, but the added flexibility is great for players having to adjust to the ball on the fly.

 reebok Texas Tech football gloves


Another company I never wore the gloves of, however I did have a lot of Adidas Cleats. My brother loved Adidas, and he even ordered a pair of custom gloves from them one year. Their custom gloves do have an amazing fit, as they are made with backwards liquid injection to make sure the gloves are perfect. You can make your own at http://www.adidas.com/us/football if you want to!


Those four brands (Under Armour, Cutters, Reebok, and Adidas) are the ones that I recommend to parents for their kids playing American Football. If you disagree with my list and think that I left someone off unjustly then let me know in the comments. For any new readers, check out my last post on the Edmonton Oilers NHL franchise. See you all again soon!